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Flight school Angel Air was founded in 1997, making it the first MLA flight school in the South West of the Netherlands. We started at the Maasvlakte with flying instruction on Ultralight Aircraft such as various brands of trikes and 3 axle MLA aircraft such as the Condor and Tecnams.

Unfortunately, after having trained more than 50 pilots, we had to move from our own field to the Midden Zeeland field in 2003 due to the construction of the Maasvlakte 2.

At the moment our flight school has three modern and well-equipped aircraft which are available for both flight training and individual rental. Certified pilots as well as pilots in training can go to our flying school. The latter can complete both their theoretical and practical training to become a "Light Aircraft Pilot Licence" at both Miden Zeeland and Seppe thanks to our "all inclusive" offers. Right here, our hangar. Up there are instruction rooms.