Vliegwerk Holland BV is a Part 145 and Part M certified company and may also present itself as CAMO+. This means that you can turn to Vliegwerk for all maintenance of your aircraft and that all administration is in good hands. The roots of Vliegwerk Holland go back to 1952, when spray-flying was started. Nowadays, all attention is focused on maintenance. And that in the broadest sense of the word. Maintenance, ARC inspections, repairs, purchase and sale, import, modifications, avionics, paintwork or interior; everything is in house. We have facilities at Midden Zeeland Airport and Rotterdam-The-Hague Airport and a partnership with Vliegtuig Onderhoud Texel. We can also regularly be found at other airports for various activities. In addition to conventional petrol engines, there is also extensive knowledge and experience of diesel engines. And since 2 years the powers have also been extended to the lighter aircraft with Rotax engines. For example, we are a service center for Aquila and Rotax. Vliegwerk thinks along with its customers and moves with the times. For example, a great deal of time is invested in following developments in the market, but also in (European) regulations. Aviation is always on the move and regulations are constantly changing. For us it is a challenge to get the best out of this and to deal with it as efficiently as possible for our customers. It is also remarkable that Vliegwerk has built up a good reputation within historical aviation. The old craft of aircraft cladding and woodworking can still be found at Vliegwerk. The old-timers have a special place at Vliegwerk Holland and we are proud to be able to keep the history in the air.
Your safety is and remains our concern and we are committed to it. On paper and in practice. Aviation is a passion at Vliegwerk Holland. Knowledge is necessary, experience is required; but passion is indispensable. Take a quick look at our website for more information about our activities and possibilities.