Skydive Zeeland

Are you looking for the ultimate expression of guts? Then dare to leap into the deep now! Connected to your jumpmaster you'll jump out of an airplane at a minimum altitude of three kilometers. The next 30 seconds is a free fall. Here you see Zeeland coming at you at 200 km per hour.

Of course, all this is preceded by a thorough instruction with some ground exercises. Do you want to feel all that adrenaline flowing back home? Then have a video made of your parachute jump, with a camera in the instructor's hand...fantastic!

Posted by Skydive Zeeland on Friday 20 July 2018

Tandem jump

The Tandem jump also called duo jump is the easiest way to get acquainted with skydiving. You hardly have to do anything for it. Only a dose of daring and motivation is enough. During this absolutely impressive experience you can enjoy the magnificent views over the unique islands that Zeeland has to offer. After half a minute in free fall, an extra large screen opens above your head. With this you float gently, hanging on to your instructor, back to Zeeland's soil. Just in front of family, friends and spectators you make a perfect landing, like a feather you reach the ground.

Booking & Medical Statement

No medical certificate is required, however, telephone reservations are required, Tel. 0113 - 612910. Please note that you may not weigh more than 105 kilos and parental consent is required under 18 years of age.

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