Monday morning at 8.00 a.m. we started with the work for the hardening of our track.
What are we gonna do?

Our runway will be machined with synthetic fibre to reinforce the surface. This fibre will be mixed with the existing base in a layer of about 30 cm. Together with new drainage, this will help us to have less problems with water and the subsurface will be much firmer in wetter periods. So we get a paved track but keep the green character with the advantages of a grass track.
The looks won't change.

The work itself will take about 14 working days, after which the job will take about 6 weeks for the grass to grow. This means that from July the new runway can be put into use.

The airport won't close!
Our runway has been temporarily shifted to the south side of the field. However, before leaving the runway we will have to taxi to the end of the runway to taxi north via the far west or east side to the parking lot or refuelling area.
For this purpose the temporary taxiway will be marked by blue pawns on the north side of the space. Follow the instructions of the harbour master carefully to avoid misunderstandings. Two-way radio contact is mandatory as long as NOTAM is published. Hoverflying only takes place at weekends and not during work.
The map of the airport during operations can be found here.